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Whenever you think: “I really don’t want to waste my own time with this!” or “How’s that supposed to be possible. I’ve no idea how it works,” it’s time for AGENT CS: You have the to-do list – we handle it for you. We have your back, so you can focus on the people and things that are important to you and where you know things inside out.

Simply delegate those annoying, time-consuming tasks to us.

“I’m worth it.”



Our Travel Concierge handles the entire organization of your trip, from A as in Airport to Z as in Zero Hassle. Irrespective of whether you need a custom-fit personal vacation or an important business trip arranged: Our travel experts have the right solution for any travel requirements. Save yourself time and money.

Entrance Tickets

Does your wife want to see her favorite musician live but the concert is officially sold out? Or perhaps you want to be in the stadium for that key football match, but no tickets have been available for months? Do you want a once-in-a-life-time moment at a leading event, such as the Cannes Film Festival? That’s when our ticket specialists come into their own.


Some things are simply so exclusive you can’t get them directly. But not for us. So you like rare vintage cars or want a specific luxurious wristwatch? Perhaps your wife wants a handbag with the name of a famous film star? What personal luxury can Agent CS help you with?

Relocation Service

If you have to relocate because of your job, it invariably involves a lot of organization. Our clients are forever grateful for any and all support in this regard. Finding a relocation company to take care of the cherished furniture, deal with all the paperwork, get childcare for your daughter… The to-do list will be almost endless …

Medical Services

When you’re healthy you have all sorts of wishes. When you’re ill, but one: You want to get to see the recognized specialists you need as quickly as possible. We can arrange the relevant appointments for you – sometimes overnight – thanks to our outstanding network in the medical field.


Finding the right data can be time-consuming. Or not at all. Research for specific products or services can be completely unnerving. Or not at all. The Agent CS Research Service is expert in finding the real answers to your questions super-swiftly.

Marketing Services

One-person businesses and micro companies in particular often face the challenge of not being able to focus professionally on their online marketing activities themselves: no time and not enough knowledge. They often ask themselves: Do I need Facebook? Do I need to have an Instagram presence? What is LinkedIn, YouTube, Xing…? What are the differences and do I need all that? With our marketing pros, we translate the social media confusion into your own language.


No time today and it’ll be too late tomorrow?
Forgotten today’s your wedding anniversary? Coffee spots on your shirt and a key meeting in an hour? Need to file a visa application for that important business trip? There are situations that can cause immense stress if you also have to deal with them during working hours. Agent CS clients no longer have that problem.

Meetings & Events

Be it a small, refined birthday party, an important business meeting, a Christmas event for an SME, or a seminar session with 5,000 participants – Agent CS has already been the successful MoC for countless events and knows the terrain inside out. Your advantage: We rely on a longstanding network of specialists, whereby each has expertise in a specific field to ensure all the boxes are ticked.





Identifying needs

In a personal discussion with you we outline our services and decide together which best fit your individual requirements.



Within 24 hours of our first discussion we will get back to you and submit a tailormade offer.


After conclusion of the contract, our team of experts is available to assist you. You will receive monthly reports with statistics of how you have used our services.

What our clients say

„My compliments to you and all your team. An extraordinary service in such a short space of time. Really super! I’m bowled over and will be recommending you to others.”

„Dear Mr. Weiss, my cordial thanks for the great and unflagging effort, at the end almost round the clock, during and at my ‘big’ birthday. With your dedication you at Agent CS enabled me to experience a really major, magical moment in my life – and to be able to sit back and enjoy it. Thanks.“

„Paris was just as expected – marvelous!!!!! THANK YOU. Everything worked out perfectly, nothing could have been better. The hotel was a dream. ALL SUPERBLY ORGANIZED, MANY THANKS!“

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