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We support companies in overcoming the major challenges that come with a lack of skilled staff.
With the benefit of our “Employee Concierge”, you offer your staff excellent added value that improves your image as an employer and makes you stand out clearly from the competition – across all sectors. Moreover, delegating tasks sharpens the focus on core competences and duties.

Your advantage: more qualified staff and higher productivity.

Employee Concierge

Corporate success is not a coincidence.

Many entrepreneurs face the major challenge of not being able to find the right staff to move the company forward. Customer orders cannot be filled or processed in the requisite quality.

Companies rely on numerous measures in order to be perceived as attractive employers and therefore garner more applications from skilled staff and highly qualified talents, and one of these is “staff benefits”.

Good staff benefits not only boost the number of applications you get for jobs but also staff satisfaction in the company. Fundamentally. Because if the corporate culture is not the best, then benefits fail to have the expected impact and staff you have spent a lot of effort recruiting will leave faster than they arrived.

We help HR executives recruit talents more easily – and ensure their loyalty.

The benefit of our “Employee Concierge” puts the staff firmly in the limelight. For that to happen, some companies need to make a mental shift: away from seeing staff as an annoying necessity and a simple cost factor and towards viewing them as a valuable, profitable asset.

The entrepreneur of tomorrow knows: Value added follows value recognition. The Employee Concierge makes certain that your staff are more productive. Annoying irritants are minimized through smart delegation of non-profit-making activities. The result? Greater efficiency.

The Employee Concierge does a lot more besides. It supports staff in their personal lives to ensure they have much less stress at work, too. Because today the line between personal and professional life is becoming ever more blurred and much of it happens all at once.


Boosting achievements in stressful times.

Handling that important project at the client’s base while also scheduling a key doctor’s appointment.
Handling the many important professional tasks on the to-do list while also planning your fast-approaching summer vacation.
Presales of tickets for your favorite band start tomorrow at 10 a.m. and you’ve got a key team meeting scheduled for precisely then.

There are hundreds of examples like these. The solution? The Employee Concierge as a benefit that shows your staff how much you appreciate them.

An appreciative entrepreneur takes this view: My staff do overtime for me – and I give them something in return: I gift them time.



Be it a business trip or a private vacation: Why spend a lot of time planning when you can do things simply?
In the field of business, a trip – be it simply a hotel booking or an entire business trip round Asia – can be delegated to the Staff Concierge. Doing it yourself invariably costs a lot of time, stress and above all money – and is therefore nonsense in business terms. The same applies to private travel. Reduce your stress and let the experts inspire you.


A lot can be done during working hours for you, such as getting appointments with the authorities or with the dentist, meaning staff need no longer take time off or use their work hours for this. Because the Staff Concierge handles whatever can’t be done at work.

Relocation Service

When you’ve signed your new contract, the next step is often relocation – to a different part of town, a different state, or even a different country and thus a different culture. New staffers are infinitely grateful for any and all support in this regard. Finding an apartment, processing formalities, planning the move … The to-do list seems endless in this context …


Finding the right information can cost a lot of time. An extensive comparison of bidders can even last hours. The Staff Concierge is well versed in compiling the desired data in the shortest space of time.


Meetings & Events

The next quarterly team meeting is round the corner and the right location for it not yet found. The right keynote speaker still has to be booked for the coming Christmas party. Or the right venue reserved for that romantic wedding anniversary dinner. The Staff Concierge handles it all for you.

Entrance Tickets

Be it a sold-out concert or a football game: The Staff Concierge can fulfil almost any wish in this regard. Our outstanding network makes it possible. And if the ticket presales for the event you want to go to open during work hours, the Staff Concierge handles it for you.



Identifying needs

In a personal discussion with you we outline our services and decide together which best fit your individual requirements



Within 24 hours of our first discussion we will get back to you and submit a tailormade offer.


After conclusion of the contract we compile the information documents for you and your staff and support your internal roll-out process.

You receive a monthly anonymized report with usage statistics. A staff survey evaluating our service performance takes place at least once a year.

What our clients say

„Hello Agent CS-Team, task completed by you to my full satisfaction! You saved me a mega-load of stress! Many thanks!!!”

„No words to describe the help you have provided. I appreciate it being a new in the country and have language barrier, you made my work easy and simple.“

“Thanks once again for the great service, it really eased the strain on me and now I can focus on other things. The service is worth its weight in gold, especially when there’s so much on my plate..!”

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